Sunday, January 29, 2006

Bobo's World

The latest from the vaunted heartland.

A mother accused of smothering her three young children in southwest Arkansas feels "tremendous remorse," a family priest says.

Paula Eleazar Mendez, 43, was in jail on Sunday evening after being treated at a hospital for swallowing a toxic substance.

Police went to her house in De Queen on Saturday morning after getting a call from the children's father in New York. He said his wife telephoned him to say she had killed the children.

The officers found the bodies of the children – eight-year-old Elvis and six-year-old twins Samanta and Samuel – lying side by side on a bed.

Police allege that Mendez said she smothered the children. Autopsies were planned to verify whether they died from suffocation or poisoning.


"She has tremendous remorse. She is deeply sorry," Rev. Salvador Marquez-Munoz told reporters on Sunday.

Oh, for fuck's sake. She's "sorry". Right, she's sorry that she didn't die along with her kids. I have no patience for people like this woman, or Andrea Yates, and even less patience with the drones that defend their actions. If only there were resources for "sick" people to turn to for help, so they aren't compelled to murder their children.

Oh, wait. Never mind.

By the way, note the town, DeQueen. Da preznit made a funny last year at one of his bullshit Social Security townhall gatherings, asking a person from DeQueen if the town was "right next to DeKing".

Naturally, hijinks ensued.


Error 404 said...

No excuse for the direct culprits, but in the Yates case it seems to me that the kids died of neglect from others as well as from drowning by Mom.

Leaving kids in the sole care of somebody that obviously messed up is just plain wrong. Sure, he couldn't predict that she'd actively kill them, but somebody that messed up lacks the alertness and motivation to keep them safe and healthy.

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