Thursday, January 05, 2006

Marion's Death Cult

Marion strikes again.

On the January 5 edition of Christian Broadcasting Network's (CBN) The 700 Club, host Pat Robertson suggested that Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's recent stroke was the result of Sharon's policy, which he claimed is "dividing God's land." Robertson admonished: "I would say woe unto any prime minister of Israel who takes a similar course to appease the EU [European Union], the United Nations, or United States of America." Although Robertson professed that "Sharon was personally a very likeable person," he nonetheless declared that "God has enmity against those who, quote, 'divide my land.' " Robertson called the 1995 assassination of former Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin "the same thing." A previous CBN news article, titled "Dividing the Land, Dishonoring God's Covenant," examined Sharon's decision to return control of the Gaza strip to the Palestinian Authority.

Shouldn't Marion be wandering the streets in filthy clothes, greasy hair, and a sandwich board proclaiming "The End Is Near"? Why the fucking fuck does this weirdo still have a fucking TV show? Who the hell are the morons keeping this lunatic on the air?

Plus just the sheer inhumanity of it all, compounding Marion's moral ruthlessness. I'm not a huge fan of Sharon myself, but I'll at least assume right up front that everything he's done has been with Israel's interests at heart. Per usual, Marion is talking straight out of his ass, and he has no business denigrating Sharon's commitment to his country and his faith, whatever one's discontents with his various policies and deeds over the years.

And in making the decision to de-settle Gaza, and form another political party to counter Likud, Sharon has indeed made at least the overture to reach out and attempt to make some semblance of peace. I'm not sure which God Marion worships anymore, but I thought it was the One whose Son said, "Blessed are the peacemakers". As always, I'm not sure what sane person would want any part of Marion's vile, bloodthirsty, vindictive deity.

Whatever the case, it's high time someone stepped up and pulled the plug on this loon. And yes, activist Christians have a responsibility to step up and publicly disavow this nonsense. It simply will not stand anymore; not only is it morally reprehensible, but Sharon is a head of state, and once again Marion has inserted his snout in affairs that are simply beyond him.

But then, since Marion's true lord and savior is mere pelf, he may indeed find that he has displeased his master. Seems Marion's been working on building a "Biblical heritage center" in God's land:

A patch of Galilee where Jesus Christ ministered to multitudes has been targeted by Israel for a biblical “heritage center” that may be built in partnership with Christian broadcaster Pat Robertson and other American evangelicals.

According to the Jerusalem Post , the Israeli tourism department said an evangelical consortium led by Robertson, whose Christian Broadcasting Network is based in Virginia Beach, is negotiating a deal with Israel’s government that could yield a flood of new tourists for the country. Various reports predicted an agreement could be reached in weeks or months.

Oh, it would just be too fucking sweet if Marion's big mouth inadvertently squashed the deal, by getting the Israelis' collective back up over this. No doubt he'll climb back down out his tree tomorrow, and "clarify" his earlier statements -- or flat out lie and deny he ever said what he said, like he did with the Hugo Chàvez deal last summer.

....the Jerusalem Post reported that evangelicals would raise about $50 million to build a “heritage center” on land Israel would provide for free.

The project reportedly is targeting land on the northern end of the Sea of Galilee, northeast of Capernaum, a town that was the center of Jesus’ outreach as described in the New Testament. The sea is the famous lake where Jesus is said to have walked on water. The tract would be northeast of the site where Jesus is said to have delivered his Sermon on the Mount.

The size of the tract could be as small as 33 acres or as large as 125 acres, according to various published reports.

A report filed from Tel Aviv by The Guardian, a British newspaper, said the park would include outdoor amphitheaters, a garden and nature park, a Holy Land exhibit, an auditorium and a media center.

One thing I've always liked about Israel -- even when I've disagreed with some of their specific policies -- is the way they handle themselves. They don't take shit from anybody, and they don't let themselves get pushed around. And I hope they realize that, despite all the overtures and hand-holding from Marion and his scummy little friends, they really do believe that Jews are going to hell when the Rapture comes. Oh sure, they make little grunting ecumenical noises about how they're all worshipping the same God, but the evangelicals truly do think they're the only ones who'll be gwine up ta hebbin when the time comes.

So it's really a matter of whether tourist dollars come before national and religious pride, and an overt, public slap in the face by a doddering lunatic who needs to get struck by a fucking bolt of lightning already.


Interrobang said...

As I said over at Rorshach's blog earlier, I think half the reason this is standing is because a lot of Israelis are just completely unaware of the malign elements of Christianity. My good friend who lives just north of Tel Aviv once opined that Christians were better than Jews or Muslims because they "weren't shooting at each other all the time." *gawk*

I said, If you grow up in the mainstream culture in Israel, to you, Christianity is a strange, fringe religion whose believers mostly live far away, and most of your experiences with Christians will be shaped by either Maronites or Europeans. I should mention that it's also illegal to proselytize in Israel, so they don't get exposed to very many missionaries, either. (I personally think that's a draconian law and very distasteful, but I understand why it's there: If it weren't, every fundie wingnut in the world would be in Israel, trying to convert everyone else, and I don't like that idea much, either.)

From the comments of the Israeli tourism minister, it sounds like he has an inkling, and just doesn't care, so long as the tourist dollars keep flowing (maybe he's relying on the anti-evangelism laws), but I'd be willing to bet there'd be a great deal of protest among average Israelis if they actually knew what a bunch of Jew-hating deranged scumbags Made Marion and his gang of Robbin' Hood(lum)s actually are.

Anonymous said...

The project reportedly is targeting land on the northern end of the Sea of Galilee ... The sea is the famous lake where Jesus is said to have walked on water.

Heh. Yeah, right, dude.