Saturday, January 28, 2006

How Many People Wanna Kick Some Ass?

This has been an interesting day. The groundswell in the blogosphere to derail the nomination of Sam Alito is gaining momentum. The right people are starting to listen to the calls and the e-mails. It's late in the game, but like the Pittsburgh Steelers, we're peaking at the right time, to say the least. I don't recall seeing this much Senate action on a Saturday before.

I have already written several senators, and plan on hitting several more tonight, and hopefully 10-12 tomorrow. I am hitting everyone I can, at all phases -- on the bubble, anti-Alito/anti-filibuster, and even pro-Alito. Every little bit helps.

Go here. Start with your own senators. If they are already on board with the filibuster, thank them. Let them know you appreciate them standing up on this. If they are not yet ready to filibuster, get on them. Be polite, but impassioned. Persuade them with reason. Let them know that this is bigger than just a filibuster of one jerkoff, this is a test of their commitment to their voters and their agenda.

This is an opportunity to get on the same page and show both passion and oprganization. This is a chance to stand up to the bullies and cocksuckers who are literally pushing around a clear and consistent majority of American citizens. The bonus is that Alito really is a bad choice. He really is an ideologue, he really does stand for a regressive mossback corporatist agenda. We don't want a leftist (whatever that is anymore), we want a true moderate. That's not too much to ask for.

I hate cut-and-paste chain letters of any stripe, so I am certainly not going to provide boilerplate just to pump up the volume. You can do it. Take five minutes and help do some damage to these animals.

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