Saturday, August 25, 2007

LOLberg of the Week

I have been enjoying the LOLcats and such that the kids are all doing these days (presumably in between huffing their ecstasy and sucking each others' elbows, or whatever it is that the pantsless culture warriors are always on about). And some of your more enterprising bloggerses have extrapolated the hilarity to unfortunate conservatard icons.

I want in on this action. So, we (well, me) here at Hammer of the Blogs are proud to present a new feature called LOLberg of the Week. It will feature people other than just Señor Pantload, and may appear either more or less frequently than on a weekly basis. So much for truth in naming. The World Series only occasionally involves Canadian teams. Get over it.

Anyway, here's our first foray into phunny photo hackery. Pass it on to someone you love -- or better yet, someone you hate.

See, it could build a nice groundswell for that stupid-ass book he's been writing re-titling desperately trying to finish before his short-bus publisher punts the contract to Pornmumu. I'll take my royalties in Costco bottles of Patrón, thank you very much.


cavjam said...

So much for truth in naming.

The Holy Roman Empire was neither holy nor Roman nor an empire. Shall we next move on to the German Democratic Republic, compassionate conservativism, or The Decider Guy?

Interrobang said...

I like the name "Pornmumu." XD

Then again, I could just have the giggles because it's the middle of the night where I am.

sarah said...

this one is pretty funny! thanks, heywood j.