Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Spiritual Vampires

Lest we forget on this day of remembrance, screw Giuliani and Lieberman, y'know? Fuck 'em in the neck. Just because. Lock 'em in a fuckin' elevator with Kanye West and let 'em duke it out, girly-style. Better yet, just let the elevator plummet.

This is one of the very rare times that you'll ever see me link to a conservatard site, but there's a mildly interesting note (probably very temporary) at Hannity's manure pile. I know it's all exciting and new, like the Love Boat and shit (but with a higher occurrence of herpes), but wait -- before you click on the rilly cool offerings of Charlie Daniels and Sportin' Life Bill Bennett, check out something else. It's a congratulatory clip, saying "Has it really been six years? CONGRATULATIONS SEAN! Letting Freedom Ring Nationally Since September 10, 2001" [all caps in original; italics mine to emphasize date]

Can it really be that simple? Did a squinty, logrolling Lawn Guyland boyo just happen to find his niche the very day after he started? Apparently so. One wonders, in the glorious exploratory spirit of alternate history, what would have happened to SeanBoy in a 9/11-less world. Perhaps a lower-profile career on the rubber-chicken circuit with interchangeable hacks and ankle-biters, à la Laura Ingraham.

As a wise man once said, they flutter behind you, your possible pasts.


Ron said...

Hannity has been wanking on Fox for much longer than that, pwning Alan Colmes nightly to show conservatives what pussies liberals are. It is nonetheless interesting that his radio show went bigtime the day before the tower attacks.

Thanks to Sean and others, ourpossible pasts lie in tatters and rags.

Roberto Iza said...