Saturday, September 01, 2007

Coming Clean

Senator Wide Stance is out -- of the office, anyway, if not yet the closet. Maybe he's one of those "downlow" guys you hear about who "identify" as "straight", but just happen to enjoy cock. It makes no sense to me, but I guess it's not supposed to. Whatever lies people have to tell themselves to get through life is between them, their beards, and their constituents.

At any rate, Craig's gone. Diaper Dave the Family Guy, whose wife sanctimoniously swore that she was no milquetoast Hillary who would put up with her man's tomcatting....well, he's still in the Senate, and his wife still hasn't worked up the smug, delusional self-respect to leave his hooker-renting ass. Real shocker there.

No doubt there is some hetero/homo hypocrisy at work here; this is, after all, the Party O' Gawwwwd. And we all know how Gawwwwd feels about those people, or at least we know what the sideshow carnies who claim to speak for Him tell us. But it's probably also conveniently pragmatic -- Craig is up for re-election next year in a state with a Republican governor, while Vitter's state currently has a Democratic governor, but by the time Vitter is up for re-election in 2010, that could change, and people will probably have either forgiven or forgotten. And there's clearly not much downside to Vitter riding the storm out; the media never really bothered following up on him or Palfrey, she of the supposedly large and entertaining client list.

It's a seedy business, politics; Craig, whatever his personal problems, was certainly a Republican's Republican, a man to whom it probably never even occurred to obstruct a botched war or shameless upward wealth transfer, certainly not on matters of (ahem) principle. But his lurid weakness, and his ham-fisted way of dealing with what would have been a quickly forgotten misdemeanor for a regular schmo, gave his good friends and colleagues a chance to throw him under the bus.

It's a cage match, baby, and apparently Craig has finally, erm, tapped out.

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cavjam said...

Vitter's state currently has a Democratic governor

Nailhead, meet hammer.