Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Wall of Astound

Party at Phil's place tonight. As always, bring your own gun.

Evidence for the prosecution:

But prosecution witnesses painted Spector as a gun-toting menace, with five women telling harrowing tales on the witness stand of the music producer threatening them with firearms. Spector's driver testified he heard a loud noise and saw the producer leave the home, pistol in hand, saying, "I think I killed somebody."


Clarkson was found inside, slumped in a chair in the foyer. She had been shot in the mouth. A .38-caliber Colt Special revolver lay at her feet. It appeared someone had attempted to clean up the blood with a diaper found in the guest bathroom.


Prosecutors pointed to the leopard print purse slung over Clarkson's shoulder as evidence she was trying to leave when she was shot.

Exculpatory evidence:

Spector's attorneys argued that Clarkson was depressed over a recent breakup, grabbed the gun and took her own life.


The defense argued that blood-spatter evidence on the white women's jacket Spector wore showed he was standing too far away to place the gun in Clarkson's mouth.

Wow. Just wow. Apparently those two fence-sitters (at least one of whom will no doubt grace us with some hack-job of a book explaining away their fucktardery) needed either a video of the crime or a confession from Crazy Phil. Short of that, they got everything and the proverbial diagram drawn for them.

At least now Michael Jackson should have a pretty good idea of just how much more he can safely get away with. If you're an anonymous douchebag, you're gone before you know it, but if you're a rich celebrity freak, you can usually skate.

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Interrobang said...

You think Phil (who's been looking like someone's well-turned-out middle-aged aunt lately -- performing "camp" as a gender much?) maybe has some deep-seated misogyny issues?