Thursday, January 10, 2008

Bonfire of the Inanities

I'm not so surprised that MoDo fudged a dateline, so much as I don't really get why someone who has to crank out 750 words twice a week needs an assistant. O grueling schedule, thou unforgiving whipcracker! I mean, shit, it's not as if the poor dear has to bring home the bacon and fry it up in the pan. Lest my snark be misunderstood as sexism, let me be more clear -- a newspaper columnist, regardless of gender or whatever, should not require a field assistant for the workload, such as it is. I'm sure Bobo Brooks has peons to cut his strip steak for him, but hell, look at him. Just fuckin' look at him.

As for the "subject" of the column (and far too many others), enough already. We get it -- since the pollsters were thwarted, the new theory is that a coterie of sob sisters came through to show somebody that they're not going to take something, and sent a message to, um....well, someone, dammit. I dunno, it's as incoherent of a premise as one could imagine.

Seriously, what message of irritation and discontent is being sent, and to whom, and to what end, by casting this mythical last-minute "you go girl" endorsement for Hillary? It's like it's not even possible that maybe she was just a little bit more on top of her game in that locale than Obama was. Certainly her ground game and GOTV votes were known to be more substantial and entrenched than Obama's. Yet the CW is a barrage of warmed-over Sex in the City tropes.

I think that's the real scenario, just a combination of message discipline, longer standing in the state, and a bit of luck, and I definitely hope that's what it is. I'd hate to think that these media dildos had any clue about what went on in NH, because if they were right, that would mean that there's a bunch of emotional ninnies who let a contrived media episode prod their narcissistic tendencies right into the voting booth. Which is what those snake-handling gay-marriage whackjobs do.

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Onna said...

Speaking of Media Dil-erm, sorry but that would imply they were useful-- have you seen THIS yet?

Un.believable. Check it out before the hoardes of lawyers descend.