Tuesday, January 08, 2008

GeeDub Quote of the Day

Look, I recognize some people don't like accountability. In other words, accountability says if you're failing, we're going to expose that and expect you to change.

Simply priceless. Just when you thought he couldn't possibly be any more un-selfaware. In other words, if there is such a thing as accountability, as Bush's own faith insists there is, eternity in hell (which, for Bush, is probably a never-ending word-a-day calendar) is a guarantee.

Bonus oratory lesson from ol' Bust -- I mean Bu, uh Buster, see, um, er Busta R-r-rhymes:
In other words, in return -- and I -- you know, I was -- I was an old governor of a state.

Jesus Christ, it's like watching Helen Keller play darts, or that dingbat beauty-pageant chick try to find "the Iraq" on a map.

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Joe Blow said...

I realise that some people don't like a small puppy pooping on their bare feet, but, I, ah we, ah, are gonna, find you and, ah poop on your feet ourselves.

and then we will BLAME the puppy heh heh heh...