Sunday, January 20, 2008

That Makes Two of Us

Money quote from the Times' profile on Jimmy Breslin:

“I think he’d rather spend time with Tony Salerno than Norman Podhoretz,” said Pete Hamill, the editor and writer, placing in one sentence a neocon and a mob boss, both of whom might be troubled by the company.

I can't imagine who wouldn't rather hang out with a criminal who at least knows he's a criminal and is unapologetic about it, than a puling, scrivening shit who plays board games with human lives by the hundreds of thousands. Even in the worst things you've ever read or seen about the various ethnic mafiosi, the killing of women and children is generally proscribed, rather than seen as necessary strategery. Not to get all Aesop, but a wolf with at least some conscience is a much better acquaintance than a viper with nothing but inexplicable access.

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