Thursday, January 10, 2008

My Favorite Pantload

There are some great tags for Pudge's li'l Hitler-smiley-face crappus maximus. Some personal favorites: "cheeto-erotic asphyxiation"; "editor promised cake"; "jonah made a poopie"; "if ann coulter was circumcised".

I am also not too humble to point out that two of my own goofy little riffs are in there somehow -- "doughbob loadpants" and "cheetohouse five". Awesome.

Here's one more, based on one from the second link page: "the da vinci choad". Feel free to spread that one around.

Bonus: Check out Dave Neiwert's comprehensive refutation of our boy's tedious nonsense. Naturally Goldberg is countering by sharing fan mail on his promo blog, in between appearances on Dennis Miller and Laura Ingraham. How....convincing.


Marius said...

I particularly enjoyed "ein volk, ein reich, ein bag of cheetos" and "low-grade fish wrapping."

The folks at Sadly, No! have done a thoroughly hilarious job of tearing the Pantload apart since the thing came out.

Heard on the intarwebs in the comments section of an open thread on the American and the metric system of units:

Q : How many kilograms are in a pantload?

A : A whole fucking lot.

Heywood J. said...

Yeah, I really like the "ein volk" one a lot as well, but the S,N! gang has already featured that one a few times. And their teardowns of specific passages were great; there's just not enough time or tequila for me to climb that particular tree.

I don't know if you've checked out his promo blog, but if you haven't you should. Priceless in its sheer obtuseness.

There should be a compendium of Pantload jokes, like that "Chuck Norris is so tough...." thing.