Monday, January 07, 2008

Vacation, All I Ever Wanted

The storm in this area over the weekend was pretty nasty, but I have seen worse. They made it sound like the next Hurricane Katrina or something. That said, I finally just got my power back on late last night (not complaining; my next door neighbor literally has not gotten theirs back yet), and apparently a power spike damaged something in my home PC. So posting will be even more intermittent than usual for the next week or so. Talk amongst yourselves.

[Update: Turns out to be the monitor, which I can live with for now. It never hurts to keep the old clunker out in the garage just in case.]

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Anonymous said...

okay, i read your column because i like what you have to say, and because i'm a democrat, and hubby is republican leaning, that said, our computer monitor is going out and i suggested we go buy a new flat screen and his answer is "don't we still have the old one in the garage?". Please, if you keep this up i'm not going to be able to read you sound like my hubby.
(i will keep reading as we seem to share the same opinion about the political situation we find ourselves in)