Monday, January 14, 2008

Pantzkrieg Plop

By Doughy Ramone

[with apologies to the actual Ramones]

Hey ho, Pantload, hey ho, Pantload (2x)

The libruls are the fascists
I don't care what the facts says
I pull 'em out of my ass
Pantzkrieg Plop

The critics call me zero
They're jealous of what me know
Can't live without my Cheetos
Pantzkrieg Plop

Hey ho, Pantload
Cherry-pick the info
Get paid for it somehow
Don't know what you talk 'bout

[repeat ad pantloadum]


Anonymous said...

Joey and Dee Dee (and maybe even Johnny, though he was a wingnut) are howling from their perches in Purgatory.

Billy Pilgrim said...


PR said...

I could almost hear splashes at every "Pantzkrieg Plop".