Saturday, July 30, 2016

A Day in the Life

Seriously, this is probably the only time I'll ever do something like this, but leave it to a couple of Juicers to accurately capture how Donald Drumpfski's day went for him:

Yes, apparently Junior went to the inaptly-named Philadelphia, Mississippi, to stump for dear ol' dad. Thanks to the wondrous bounty of the internets, there's no need to dig far nor wide to glean the ugly details of this particular gaping butthole of the universe, and its racial signifiers. All Drumpfski figures is that it worked for Saint Reagan (PBUH), so it must still work, nearly forty years later.

Who knows, it might still work after all. But the bottom line here is that the Democrats should immediately recognize that candidates' children are no longer off limits when they adults and acting as surrogates. They are fair game. And it's about time Uday and Qusay became the hunted, instead of trying to pretend to be big men murdering endangered species.

I am not remotely joking when I say that I sincerely hope that on their next attempt at penis enhancement, their guns jam and the both of them get trampled or torn to bits by their next target.

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