Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Careful What You Wish For

So Feeb Director Jim Comey has finally weighed in and decided not to put his thumb on the electoral scale. There goes my dream of HFC's indictment, followed by Joe Biden running and beating Drumpf like the rented, tick-eaten mule he is, instead of this derping along with a polling lead barely above the margin of error. What the fuck exactly does Hair Fuhrer (Cheetolini? Kim Don Un? Mobutu Sese Fuckface?) have to do to lose by the margin he richly deserves?

The problem, despite the braying of the horserace corporate media, is not so much a matter of HFC's "trustworthiness" (although there's certainly an issue with that, and always has been). This imputes that we cannot know how closely her actions would align with her rhetoric, which is ridiculous. She's been playing this game for a quarter-century now, we know exactly what she'll do -- stand and fight tepidly for more gutless incrementalism, for meaningless compromises with avowed enemies who have nothing to gain and everything to lose being seen working or even cooperating with her.

Think about it. Since the beginning of this wretched new century, we have watched the steady, inexorable decline of the Republican party. It was bad enough when they rigged the game to get Kid Bozo squeezed in there twice to fuck everything up, but since Chocolate Thunder got in, they don't even pretend to be competent or rational. They've gone off the rails and are Proud Of It.

And HFC has already declared that she'll reach out and try to work with them. Work with whom, exactly? Paul Ryan? He'll be gone or in with the wingers by 2018, 2020 at the latest. Mitch the Bitch? The guy from the state where Noah's Ark counts as fucking archeology, and they're not shy about using tax dollars to push it? About the only other Republican I've noticed acting like a responsible adult so far this year is Ben Sasse, and he'll come around like the rest of them when it's fundraising time. Most of them are openly accepting and endorsing a borderline personality who seems to be literally unable to say anything true. How the fuck do you "work with" people like that?

And work on what together, anyway? Immigration reform? Health care costs? Student loan usury? Her big idea on that last one so far is to offer a student loan deferment to "entrepreneurs" who start up businesses right out of college. (Remembering, of course, that 80% of businesses fail within the first five years, and 80 % of those who survive fail within the next five years. For Drumpftards who only have so many toes on which to perform their gazintas, that's a failure rate of ninety-six percent within ten years. And then you still owe on those fucking loans.)

The country will still be owned and operated by the same rackets, still parasitically bleeding the people of this country dry, but we'll get a few (as Donkey Mountain eloquently put it) rainbow-colored band-aids. That's all she knows how to do, that and create paid sinecures for her close family. There is not going to be one goddamned thing in there for working families who are being eaten alive by rackets, and cannot get ahead. We all understand that SCOTUS nominees are important, but other things are important as well.

The big rackets (health care, finance, higher education) cannot be nibbled away at, but must be confronted head-on. Bernie Sanders was prepared to do just that, but HFC would never do such a thing, since they are her direct benefactors. The rackets collude to vacuum wealth out of the peons and deposit it in the bank accounts of the lucky few, the elites who already have more money than they know what to do with,

The reason this is so important is because every instance where someone had scarce income siphoned away by a racket that provided little or no true value in return, and socked them with endless interest payments to boot, represents a person who has been taken out of the economy, locally and beyond. If that person is stuck overpaying a hospital bill, or on the hook for student loan interest payments for fifteen or twenty years, that's a car or a house they can't purchase and add value locally, that's countless visits to local shops and restaurants they can't afford, etc. HFC will do nothing to affect any of that, at all.

Coupled with the continued unbridled arrogance she and her husband have always put on display for all to see, we're in for a long four years, once we finish our sigh of relief that Clownstick gets repudiated. Assuming that happens; you should be able to run Triumph the Insult Comic Dog and mop the floor with a dickhead like Drumpf. Instead, we got someone who'll just eke out a damaged victory, and spend her term veering between pretending to do anything useful to the proles, and doing damage control on the next inevitable round of fuck-ups and unforced errors.

Again, if you've had a vast conspiracy targeting you for over a generation now, one would think you'd make it at least a little more challenging to go after you.

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