Sunday, July 31, 2016


It is official protocol after the party conventions that once the nominees are officially declared, they get intelligence briefings. I am envious of the folks that get to sit in on those things; that must be fucking amazing. The things you don't know, as well as the things you thought you knew.

Anyhoo, apparently there may or may not have been a verbal revelation by Herr Clownstick regarding a piece of foreign policy info he could only have received in the context of a classified briefing. For now, that allegation is not founded, although the bottom line seems to be that either he said what he supposedly said, or he didn't.

Doesn't matter for our purposes. What I propose here is that we engage in a simple thought exercise-slash-movie pitch-slash-novel:  Say you have a toxic, moronic person running for President. Say you know he's going to lose because he's a blowhard asshole whom only borderline retards would vote for, but you still have to give him something in terms of policy briefings. What if you just made stuff up to conform with Candidate Asshole's truncated view of the world?

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