Friday, July 22, 2016


Call it the Von Clownstick Effect:  perennial white-power candidate and convicted felon David Duke has thrown his hood in the ring one more blessed time, against eight other candidates in his own party. Keep up the good work, Loozyanna!

(Extra points for the WaPo photos of KKK scumbags from TN and MD in the first link. There are plenty just like them in LA, and they'll be voting for Duke. Fuck these doughy, pasty, drug-addled losers right in their loser blowholes. God hates you, fucktards. It literally brings me joy to know that most of these cocksuckers will die younger than they should, destitute and clueless as to how their dismal view of the world contributed to their miserable lives and early demises. I know, I'm mean.)

It would be surprising if Duke actually won, but stranger things have happened, obviously. Anything's possible. This quote is just money, though:
“I believe it’s time we start talking about the reality of terrorism linked to Black radicals,” Duke tweeted July 17 after the news broke about the police shootings in Baton Rouge. “How is this any different than ISIS?”
Now, your average meathead ofay Drumpf supporter reads that and goes, "Yeeaahhh!,"and then punches his wife for no reason. Anyone with two or more brain cells to rub together would flip the proverbial script and ask how at all it is similar to ISIS? I mean, you have to squint awful hard to find an equivalence between two black veterans, both of whom appear to have been either clinically insane or suffering from severe PTSD, going on shooting rampages against law enforcement officers, and a jihadi death cult run by de-Baathified officers from Saddam's old army, murdering anyone and anything that gets in their way.

But that's what makes them morons -- they don't squint at this shit, they don't think at all about any of it. Everything is visceral, reactive, lizard-brain. You want to know what makes the Drumpfkins tick, reread the above quote and consider the sort of mouth-breather that would nod their head at such nonsense. That's where we're at.

I don't know how the Dems reach out to such cretins; I don't want them to reach out to them. Fortunately they shouldn't have to. Clownstick has heightened the differences so that they should be clear as day. All the HFC show-runners have to do is mobilize the base and keep the unforced errors at zero. Start with forcing Drumpf to formally repudiate Duke.

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