Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Concern Trollski Is Concerned

At what point have we all had enough of this lying cocksucker? I mean, seriously. This guy lies like most of us draw breath. Everything out of his mouth is a fucking lie, and as a topper, he invites the Russian FSB to continue hacking the email servers of American political figures.

Of course Putin likes Drumpf. Why wouldn't he? Not as a friend, mind you, but as a pigeon, someone whose bottomless hole of need and ego make him susceptible to even the lamest attempts at flattery. No, Donald, Putin never called you a genius -- you called you a genius.

Because that's what you are:  a whiny, lying, petulant man-baby, with tremendously small hands (the smallest hands, believe me, nobody's hands are smaller), small dick, and even smaller brain. Because you're a piece of shit who wants to wreck this country, and so Putin -- who actually is an intelligent adult -- sees in your pathetic psyche an easy opening to continue his espionage against this country. Good job, asshole. If we give you a pity trophy, will you just go the fuck away already? Everyone's a winner!

Maybe someone should hack Fuckface Von Clownstick's servers and release his fucking tax returns for him. In the meantime, fuck everyone who is continuing to support this lying, treasonous bastard.

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