Sunday, August 14, 2016


Yes, how dare the media report exactly what I said verbatim -- it's not fair! Waaahhhhh!

Fuck this incompetent motherfucker, and his moron cult followers. It would be poetic justice if the media simply took him at his word, and just stopped covering him altogether, but obviously that's too much to ask. They need him for clickbait as badly as he needs them for a punching bag at his rallies.

You'd think at the very least the reporters would get tired of being penned at the rallies like animals, to endure Drumpf's Two Minutes of Hate and the inevitable spectacle afterward of halfwits waddling by to scream "traitor!" at them and flip them off.

There's still time for these fools to rediscover their personal dignity, and just say fuck it and not go anymore. What might that be like, if the media pen was completely empty? He's going to make shit up and say what he wants to say anyway, but Il Douche is a parasite at heart, with unearned attention and adulation the lifeblood.

Obviously bloggerses such as yours truly have to think about this as well. Not that there's enough people to notice if I suddenly stop writing about this psychopath. In fact, the only reason to keep going on the subject at this point really comes down to emphasizing the awfulness of the people still following him, whatever their bullshit rationale, whatever their level of education or knowledge or intelligence.

This year's election cycle has obviously been a revealing sociological phenomenon, as much as a political one. Writing about Drumpf's constant lies and incompetence -- and more importantly, the embarrassing credulity of the flock, their fawning desire to be gulled and scammed -- sometimes feels like chronicling the beginning of the end of this country as we know it, in real time. Too many of these people are just around the bend on a guy who wouldn't piss on them if they were on fire.

They're fucking awful and they need to be discouraged. Maybe that happens if we all collectively decide to stop covering the daily firehose of lies and whining Drumpf and his surrogates spray across the internets.

But another rationale to keep hammering away for the homestretch, the last 86 days leading to the election, is to hope for a true landslide, not only electorally, but one that so damages the business interests of Drumpf, his political advisers, and his family, that they go broke. Seriously. Drumpf's most recent whinging in Pennsylvania about electoral fraud, encouraging his moron flock to hang out vigilante-style at polling places, is just the latest of his efforts to pre-emptively delegitimize an HFC victory.

This is more than just civically irresponsible, it could be potentially catastrophic. People could get injured and/or killed because of the incoherent anger Drumpf is attempting to incite. He needs to be punished for this, hard, him and his fucking kids, even the ten-year-old whose mommy slathers his face with fucking caviar face cream. Fuck that shit.

What kind of adult is a spoiled kid like that going to become? Just another rich asshole who uses his privilege and advantage to exploit loopholes in the system that make taxpayers subsidize their high-flying lifestyles. Someone should tell all the chumps who watched The Apprentice all those years that that's the secret to Drumpf's "success" -- he's a fucking clown who lives on other people's money, squatting in a tower his dad built thirty-five years ago with gubmint-funded development grants.

Drumpf's central thesis is border security, but it must be pointed out that borders are for the 99%. One-percenters, transnational merchant princes with no loyalty to any particular country, have no borders, no constraints on their activities. Joanie Drumpf is taking a break from pretending to be a champion of working women to go hang out in Croatia with her dear friend Wendi Deng, recently divorced and enriched from Rupert Murdoch's death star propaganda empire, and rumored to be dating -- wait for it -- none other than Vladimir Putin. These fucking people.

You wanna make America great again? Let's make it so that Drumpf and his whole damned family have to go out and find real jobs, live on a working person's wage. That would be fit punishment for what the old man has put us all through.

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