Sunday, August 21, 2016


The Drumpf Scampaign Express seems to have veered off into some seriously weedy territory now. The current "campaign" "manager," one Paul Manafort, has been replaced by none other than the high-larry-us team of Stephen Bannon (maker of the ricockulous Sarah Palin mockumentary Triumph of the ShrillThe Undefeated) and sheltered suburban mom (NSFW) Kellyanne Conway, mostly known as an empty talking head.

Bannon is an arrogant slob who should have choked on his ill-gotten pelf a long time ago, and Conway's defining characteristic is that she sticks to the script, even when it's an incredibly shitty script. In other words, they're perfect to pose as the takeover artists of this foundering Potemkin shop.

Not that they're not really on the scampaign team now -- of course they are. Bannon runs the deep-in-the-tank Breitbart site, whose collective nose is so far up Drumpf's wrinkled orange butthole, they have a secondary tan. Years ago I was on a booty call, and it turned out that she only had a bottle of self-tanning lotion available for lube. So my dick looked like a carrot for the next two weeks, which I still think is fucking funny twenty-five years later. That's Breitbart, whenever they extricate from Drumpf's puckered anus. They're an even more ideal propaganda arm than Fixed Noise.

These pukes pose like journamalists, yet they probably don't even proofread their own wretched e-copy, much less do routine things like sourcing and research, or even cite reliable links. They were bad enough when Andy (PBUH) was running things, now they're a pathetic shadow of that, a turd-generating chop-shop of bullshit headlines and cheap innuendo. Breitbart didn't even like Drumpf, and did not consider him a conservative. So Bannon and his current e-minions have literally betrayed the sentiments of their site's founder. Then again, every "revolutionary" movement does that. If Breitbart were still alive, they'd have sent a moron to swing an ice axe into his head.

It also doesn't hurt that Breitbart is now staked by hedge-fund creep Robert Mercer, who has shown a vested interest in Drumpf's success. So much for the bazillionaire not being beholden to anyone.

So here's the thing:  if you go by the official narrative, Manafort is now the second campaign manager and the third major campaign operative overall to be dismissed. Roger Stone was dismissed last fall, and Corey Lewandowski was canned in the spring after he manhandled a female reporter from -- you guessed it -- Breitbart News. Lewandowski now functions as the in-house Drumpf shill on CNN's rotating claque of jabbering hacks.

As it turns out though, Stone is the more interesting of the two. He continues to stir up shit wherever and whenever he can, in keeping with his morally and sexually perverted ethos. Any time Stone is tweeting some Drumpf propaganda, chances are some rando sex-club denizen is blasting a fat nut into Stone's wife's mouth, while some other guy is plowing her from the other end. Stone's into that swinger-club shit, you see, not that I care, but some of the Jebus freaks thinking of voting for Drumpf might care.

It's kinda funny that these alt-right assholes, whose favorite epithet for apostates is "cuckservative," have as their intellectual leader a lifelong perv with a tattoo of fucking Nixon on his back, a man who enjoys watching other men spit-roast his wife and do the Eiffel Tower with her. (Again, not that there's anything wrong with that, until you're running the dirty-tricks operation for an unqualified psychopath. Then it's fair game.)

But the really interesting deal going on here is that Manafort and Stone are longtime business partners, as in Black, Manafort, Stone, and Kelly. Gawrsh, that shore is some kinda coinkydink, ain't it? Even better, the one and only Lee Atwater was a senior partner in the group back in the day, before karma finally caught up with his worthless ass. (Not that death stops the miserable -- as recently as 2014, Atwater's dopey cow of a widow was attempting to pollute what's left of South Carolina's hick-centered educational system.)

So this is all another big lie; Manafort ain't going anywhere. He's right where he was, working with Stone on endgame ratfucking strategies. Hell, Manafort did PR for Mobutu Sese Seko; his lack of a soul has already been well-established. These fuckers would roast and gut a live baby on a charcoal grill if there was a dollar and a cent in it for them. They're treacherous fucking scum. Hopefully at least one (1) member of our esteemed media will make a point of keeping an eye on Manafort. You can bet your next paycheck that they won't be disappointed.

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