Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Se Llama Fuckface

The Clownstick Medicine Show went international today, heading down to Mexico to meet with that country's equally unpopular leader, to pretend not to discuss the virtual wall which is not going to be built, and for which no one but the US taxpayers will pay.

Really, the only thing noteworthy about this stunt is in the way the scampaign head-faked that it might or might not go, right up until the last minute, then sent the press charter plane to Phoenix for the later speech, while the scampaign plane headed for Mexico City. It was said that members of the press corps were (lulz) "seething," which means what -- that they're not going to sit in his fucking rally pen anymore and let his retard fans fling their monkey poo at them? What, and quit show business?

But then, they are trained and indoctrinated to give the rubes exactly what they want.

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