Monday, August 01, 2016

The Straight Talk Express Keeps Rollin'

Senator McCain has strong, empty words for the Khans, and for America:
"I cannot emphasize enough how deeply I disagree with Mr. Trump's statement. I hope Americans understand that the remarks do not represent the views of our Republican Party, its officers, or candidates."
Yeah, you might want to tell that to your own party nominee, numbnuts.

Look. I like John McCain. I respect his service and sacrifice. I probably would have voted for him in 2000, depending on who his running mate would have been if he had gotten that far. I was pissed at the shitty rumor-mongering, then and since, that Grampa Walnuts had taken one too many hits from Charlie at the Hanoi Hilton, that Johnny Mac had snakes in his head.

I was seriously pissed when the draft-dodger Drumpfski poked fun at McCain's capture and torture. The man literally cannot comb his own hair, forty years later, because of the injuries he sustained. McCain could have gone home early, as the son of an admiral; when he honorably refused, the Vietnamese were so incensed that McCain was brought to the NVA commander's office, where his arm was re-broken and his teeth knocked out. Then he was thrown back into the cage for another few years. I don't agree with much the man does or says, but that's fuckin' sacrifice.

But when McCain put his own honor and service aside to support that cocksucker, he completely lost any remaining shred of credibility. So even if he were to put country first and openly repudiate the incompetent fool representing his party, it would ring hollow, appear calculated.

By way of contrast, you might recall that on the first night of the RNC, Patricia Smith, the mother of Foreign Service Officer Sean Smith, who was killed in the Benghazi attacks, uncorked a scathing oration aimed directly at Hillary Clinton's complaisance -- or was it complicity? after nine investigations so far we cannot be certain -- in the face of that attack, HFC's culpability in the death of her son. Did HFC go rushing to tweet her indignant rebuttal? I sure as hell didn't see it.

Sometimes you just have to roll with the punches. Drumpfski couldn't see that, is incapable of letting the Khans (or anyone) have the last word. He doesn't know when or how to quit. He's the asshole who "wins" an argument not by the strength of his logic, but by his unwillingness to concede, by wearing opponents into a state of exhaustion, like a hyperactive kindergartner.

Like every other vile, stupid thing Drumpfski's said, it probably won't affect him much. The morons that support him won't sway in their support; picking on a Gold Star family means nothing to them when said family is not white, not born here, speaks with an accent. They are less than.

This is the thing:  McCain, McConnell, Ryan, and the rest of them need to start figuring this thing out, and fast. They are damned if they do, and damned if they don't. Consistent anecdata suggest that the more hardcore the Drumpfkin, the less likely they are to be a consistent voter, much less a Republican or a conservative (again, neither of which Drumpf has ever been). So the GOP leaders are in a bind -- they can continue to support a candidate that is going more and more off the rails, and have that dog them for at least the next election cycle or two, or they can take the hit now, and count on the cultists not to show up anymore.

Can't say as I envy their predicament, but it's impossible to feel sorry for them. They brought this on themselves, cultivated the angry rube vote for decades, gave them jack shit in return, and now the bill is due. We all expect politicians to be deeply embedded in their cynicism, but this must be a crisis of conscience for some of them at least -- they have to decide whether their country's well-being is really more important than winning, handing the reins over to a dangerous retard.

Again, in the end, this is not about Drumpf's latest bout with nonsense. It's not about the Khans and their sacrifice (as repulsive as Drumpf's disrespect to them is), it's not about him showing some leg to Putin, it's not about whatever he does next week and the week after. It's not about obnoxious behavior, or immigrant-baiting, or stupid nicknames, or even the constant lying. It's that he's fucking incompetent. He's got a history of being a crummy businessman and a scam artist. He's inept.

He fools people into believing the opposite because he lives in a tower he built with his dad's help (and a bunch of NY state Mitchell-Lama redevelopment grants) back in 1983. Yeah, that's how long ago the tower got built, over forty years ago. Since then, it's been a constant game of three-card-monte, branding himself by making shit up, pretending to be his own publicist, being an asshole, etc.

But read it again:  he's fucking incompetent. I wouldn't trust him to run a small business, he wouldn't last a full year. Drumpf is the living, breathing example of the old saw that when you owe the bank a hundred thousand, you have a problem; when you owe the bank a hundred million, the bank has a problem.

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