Saturday, August 27, 2016

What You Wish For

So it turns out that new Philippine strongman Rodrigo Duterte is every bit the authoritarian scumbag he campaigned as. To which the correct response is, what the fuck did you idiots expect?
In the final days of the campaign, Aquino became more alarmed about Duterte, telling voters that “we should remember how Hitler came to power.’’ But Duterte’s fear tactics worked. He drew thirty-nine per cent of the vote, to Roxas’s twenty-three per cent, and popular support for him remains robust. In a poll released on July 20th by Pulse Asia Research, ninety-one per cent of Filipinos said that they trusted Duterte, while the more authoritative Social Weather Stations found that sixty-three per cent expected him to fulfill his campaign promises. “There seems to be a level of acceptance on how Duterte’s war on drugs is being conducted,’’ Palabay said.
Okely-dokely then. I guess the Philippines can fucking suck on it. Sometimes people get what they deserve. Any questions?

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