Sunday, January 22, 2017

Alternative Facts

It's good to see that even Chunk Toad is finally finding a pair and challenging lying hack Kellyanne Conway on her lying lies, and the transparently hacky way she peddles those lying lies.

Did I mention that Conway is a GODDAMNED LIAR? Every breath, every utterance, every word is at best a dodge, an omission, an evasion, but mostly just a flat-out fucking LIE. New WH press hack Baghdad Sean Spicer did not present "alternative facts," he LIED about the number of people who attended the inauguration. He presented numbers and statements that he -- and all of us -- know aren't true. That is what most sentient humans of all political persuasions agree is a LIE.

Conway's Orwellian attempt to frame this as some sort of "some folks say that 2+2=5" muddlement of fact and spin is nothing short of an epistemic perversion. What's (mildly) interesting is that Conway has been doing this since she took over as Clownstick's Twitter-sitter, but only now, when it's way too late to affect the electoral outcome, does any given media monkey finally call her on her bullshit. (Or hell, even bother to point out that less than a year ago, she was a vocal anti-Clownstick pundit on CNN, lobbing many of the same charges against her hero that Hillary Clinton did in the general election. So what changed, other than the size of Conway's paycheck? Did Drumpf suddenly stop being a skeevy, perverted grifter?)

I would ask a next-level question of said media monkeys:  why have Kellyanne Conway on your show at all? Let's deconstruct that a bit -- what is the purpose of your Sunday morning fart-fest? I mean, we all know they are merely vehicles in which politicians and reporters talk to each other, in the guise of talking to the peons, but let's face it -- most people don't watch these things, if they've got any sense. They know better.

But at the very least, the people who host these damned things have to tell themselves that their efforts serve some sort of meaningful purpose. So I ask again:  what sort of meaningful purpose -- from the host's skewed point of view -- is served by having someone on who lies so freely and easily? We all know that most people in the political arena prevaricate to some degree, with some level of self-serving rhetoric. But Conway's purpose is nothing but spin. There is no informative value to be had from anything she says. So why have her on at all? It's a waste of everyone's time, including hers. Only someone lacking two brain cells to rub together would buy what she's selling, and those maroons do not watch these shows. So really, what's the point?

Maybe the hosts could ask themselves that next time, and not debase whatever remains of their journamalistic integrimatude with this nonsense. The corporate press got rolled by these fucking people, and the surest path to reclaiming at least a veneer of respectability is to just stop booking them. Hold out for a month or two, let Conway or one of her staffers come begging them, and then set a very simple condition:  if you lie and I catch you, that's all we're going to talk about for the rest of the segment, or until you admit it. Otherwise, go write a fucking op-ed piece for the Moonie Times.

In the meantime, Conway and the rest of the professional Drumpfkins are waaayyyyy too high on their own supply, a bizarre combination of inept and cocky, arrogant and stupid. The most frustrating and baffling thing about them is how much they seem to need to lie, especially about things ordinary people wouldn't care all that much about. A normal person would look at those comparison photos from the inauguration and either shrug it off and change the subject, or just not engage it at all.
The yuge support crowds were cleverly disguised as bleachers.
But they couldn't, because they can't. He can't let anything go, so they can't let anything go. They would rather litigate Spicer's and Drumpf's easily debunked figures. They would rather shut down the National Park Service's Twitter account because of a couple of embarrassing photos, as if anything can be memory-holed anymore. We all have a copy, motherfuckers. We all saw what happened. There will be more to come.

And better yet, we all know that this shit gets under his thin skin, which is the real key to disrupting this beast. The more you keep him distracted and whining, the more you prevent him from swinging anyone over to the dark side, and in the meantime, at least some of the rubes will start figuring out that a fake billionaire appointing real billionaires to run the country simply means a quick and brutal skull-fucking of the poor and vulnerable -- which these days is the vast majority of people.

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