Thursday, January 26, 2017

Downward Spiral

Not even a week in, and Clownstick is already off the fucking chain. As always, don't just read the whole thing, but read it aloud, the better to savor every bit of stumbling bafflegab. This is the sort of thing they should have famous actors pair off and do parodic script-reads of.

Notice how Clownstick manages to get through the whole thing without really answering any of Muir's questions, while simultaneously chastising Muir, as a representative of the "media" -- that is, the media entities which actually make something of an honest effort to report verbatim what the man says, and how that lines up with objective, empirically verifiable reality.

It's good to see that the scriveners have finally seen what we all saw well over a year ago, and have adjusted their game plan. Too bad it won't really matter; as inept as these fuckers are, they are unencumbered by having to give a shit about that, or really much of anything else. A West Wing full of shit-throwing monkeys can eventually create, if not Shakespeare, any number of executive orders and ricockulous appointments.

But, you know, Hitlery used an off-grid email account and an unsecured Blackberry, as opposed to Mike Flynn's unsecured server at the Pentagon, and Clownstick's own Galaxy S3 (for fuck's sake, even my family all have S5's), which is wide-open for all sorts of hackery during Mister Man's masturbatory 3:00 AM rage-tweet sessions.

You know the old joke about elderly men ejaculating powdered milk or dust? What do you bet that Fuckface sprays either Cheeto dust or Tang?

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