Saturday, January 07, 2017


I still don't place a lot of stock in the idea that Russia's hacking actually swayed the election, as opposed to simply swaying the already stupid and complicit corporate media. It's unclear that they did much more than we routinely do in any number of countries, and always have.

Fuck these people anyway, with their "sour grapes" and "crybabies" comments, because we all know full well that had there been this much of a hint of Russian interference and she had won, these exact same morons would be griping and whining to anyone within earshot about how they wuz robbed. And, you know, good job by the stenographers -- 'scuse me -- reporters in not asking them such a question. Heaven forbid anyone challenges the intellectual fraud of real 'murkins.

Who wants to break it to them that in avoiding a corrupt scumbag, they voted for a corrupt scumbag, and they're still destined to die, broke, angry, and dumb as they ever were?

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