Sunday, January 15, 2017

May Bury

The anthropological perambulations continue apace:
If only the real Mount Airy, which has experienced decades of economic and social decline, were like the Mayberry facade, muses Mayor David Rowe. If only his city and the rest of America could return to the 1950s again.

“Now it’s about secular progressivism, not the values you get out of this book,” such as honesty and hard work, said Rowe, 72, jabbing his finger at the leather Bible on his office desk.
Ah, yes, the values, like genocide, slavery, subjugation, God and Satan using a man's life and family as a wager. Look, the Bible has many fine ideas in it, but they make up maybe 10% of the entire doorstop. Very rarely do you ever hear any of these god-bothering simps reciting the Beatitudes or even the Ten Commandments or the Golden Rule, or conveying how those bedrock values inform their political decisions, and the natural repercussions of those decisions.

Obamacare was certainly flawed, but after eight years of yammering about it and dozens of symbolic votes to repeal it, the ruling party has nothing -- not even bullet points of an outline of a plan. Which means that they're either going to leave it alone or replace it with something even worse. Like, say, nothing at all. How you like them apples, Goober?

There's something ineffably sad and pathetic about towns like these, constantly trying to recapture a fictional past -- in this case, quite literally a fictional past. Many of the "Mayberry" buildings in Mount Airy are mocked-up replicas, constructed to buttress a dying tourist gag meant to preserve the ersatz legacy of a teevee show that went off the air in 1968, and whose eponymous star left town and never returned. This empty nostalgia is killing the nation, slowly but surely, especially when it's the usual bullshit about how great it was when those people knew their place and wore their pants properly.

These meatheads whine about Obama sending their jobs to Mexico, while they champion a race-baiting goon who brags about all the stuff he makes, yet he makes nothing in 'murka. They should not be too surprised to find that they've been sold yet another bill of goods, this time by someone most people saw coming up the road a long time ago.


Brian M said...

It's all about Jesus Rand to these people.

Plus their love for that vile, nasty prude, Calvin.

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