Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Our Liberal Media

So glad the intrepid press monkeys didn't get caught up in this Real Housewives of Wrestlemania showboating bullshit. The Republicons flat-out stole this SCOTUS selection, and are going to use it on a 49-year-old junior Scalia, ensuring his presence for the next three decades or so. But hey, let's focus on how professional the presentation was.

And the Dummycrats will most likely put on a half-assed song and dance before narrowly letting Gorsuch sail through without a filibuster, in the vain hope of "keeping their powder dry" or some such. They think if they give a little now, they'll have more to gain at some mythical point down the road. They do not understand that even without Clownstick, they are negotiating with people who have the scruples of a serial child killer. Republicans said "fuck you" to everything and anything Obama did for six years, and paid no political price for it at all. The Democrats are more concerned with being collegial and professional and coloring in the lines. We'll see what that gets them.

In the meantime, really looking forward to the next exciting episode of 'murka's Next Fuckface. Should be a fun season!

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