Sunday, January 22, 2017

Something for Nothing

Say this for Tweety McFuckstick, or whatever we're calling him today -- he knows how to find women who are just as soulless and grifty as he is. If Marla Maples' "child support" is finally ending, and she's accustomed feels entitled to a certain lifestyle, then maybe she oughta follow the conservatard dogma and fucking well earn it. Maybe it's time to dust off the ol' kneepads and find another wealthy pole to smoke.

I fucking despise people like this, who have never done an honest day's work in their lives, yet insist that everybody owes them something. Even people who have to work hard for every cent they have are expected to kowtow to this woman's desires. Comparing a free hairdo to an actress wearing a designer gown is not even apples-to-oranges. If Jennifer Lawrence wears a Vera Wang (giggity) gown to an award show, it's because Jennifer Lawrence actually does something, where Marla Maples was simply the bridge wife between Hair Fuhrer's two Iron Curtain mail-order brides.

She's a nobody, a person whose name is barely recognizable because of whom she was married to. Other than that, what does she do, what has she done in the twenty years since leaving the tower? She spent a brief time last summer dangling the false promise of having blockbuster revelations up her sleeve, until either she or the press monkeys checked with her lawyers and realized that her continued ability to live on Clownstick's dime was entirely contingent upon the NDA everyone signs when they do any business with him.

The balls on these fucking people. She clearly made the most of her time at Mister Man's knee.


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