Saturday, February 25, 2017


I wouldn't read too much into the "efforts" of three miserable cunts with too much money and not enough brains or ethics. They seem to be proud that they can blow a thousand bucks a month or so on clothes and shit they already have enough of, while a helluva lot of hard-working people out there barely make their fucking rent.

But a lot of them will also grab their wallets when they can, and make their preferences clear as well. One thing should be clear to these morons -- none of these stores stopped carrying Ivanka's overpriced shit because they don't like her daddy, they're stopping because her shit doesn't sell as well. If it was selling, they'd be carrying, and as a consumer and a true-blue capitalist, I would expect nothing less.

The common thread with all of these crybabies is that they are completely blind to their hero's yuge and voluminous flaws; he spent eighteen months barnstorming the country, talking shit about everyone, lying about everything, going out of his way to be an asshole, and these fucking dingbats simply can't imagine why half the country opposes him outright.

Well, I hope I speak for at least some of my ilk when I say fuck them all. They are a collective disgrace, and whether they realize it or not, they hate their country and everything it stands for. They support a lying traitor who sold out to the Russians.

In the Post article, all three women are awful, to be sure, but Mary Carson seems the worst by a fair piece. I want to make it clear that I am gratified to know that she is physically debilitated. May her stocks go in the tank, and her life be long and poor and full of cat food. Same with the rest of them.

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