Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Is Our Children Learning?

What Jim said. Forget trying to win over the deplorables -- whether or not they get the Clownstick driven up their collective asses and snapped off, they never learn. They would rather watch it all burn down for everyone, just to savor the libtard tears.

So the real question is for the libs, the progs, the fems, the dems, the bros and the hoes -- do you now see why midterm elections count, and are you going to fucking show up next year? Have you had enough of all the winning yet, after less than six weeks of said winning? Because the percentage of eligible voters who didn't even bother to show up in 2016 was greater than the percentage of voters who went for any particular candidate. That's good news, in that it means that there are more people who simply need to be motivated, rather than converted.

And never, ever believe a fucking poll again, at least not to the extent that you take a slam-dunk for granted. If people got off their fucking asses and took care of business, just took an afternoon and made sure they were registered, and maybe even registered to vote by mail so they don't get stuck in a three-hour line, you would never see the likes of Clownstick again. Hell, they might have to almost start taking us seriously.

I mean, I'm as cynical as all hell about the voting process, and the measurable utility of its usual Tweedledumb-and-Tweedledumber type of choices and outcomes. But this guy is a fucking nightmare, and it was entirely preventable. Anyone who attended one of the protests or marches, and did not vote for HRC, owns it just as surely as if they'd cast their lot with the angry cheeto. So grow the fuck up and get your shit together already.

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