Sunday, February 19, 2017

The Crybaby Cult

Seriously, is this what the next four or so years is really going to be like, an endless series of fucktarded anthropological excursions into Clownstickistan to suss the sage wisdom of angry goobers. Time after time, the message is clear -- Clownstick opponents need to do all the compromising, never the whiny Clownstick enthusiast who is now additionally butt-hurt because that mean ol' Meryl Streep said some terrible things.

And for the record, all Streep said was that maybe it wasn't cool to make fun of disabled people. She never even mentioned Fuckface by name. That seems to have made her mild ministrations all that more potent to these cultists. They can't stand it, mainly because they know that Streep was right, that if they had a friend or loved one who had a severe condition, a debilitating palsy that manifested itself in painful contortions and spasms in random intervals, it would hurt them to see that condition mocked by a cynical third-rate con-man for the sake of political expediency. Just like they look the other way when their hero taunts a tortured war hero, but will insist with a straight face that they support and respect military service and personnel.

If Ann McConnell thinks she's entitled to some sort of consideration because she voted for Bill Clinton twenty years ago (strange omission as to whether or not she voted for Obama, no?), she's off her rocker. She voted for an unqualified asshole because she's deluded yourself into thinking that the Democrats are worse than Islamic terrorists. She voted for someone who has insulted anyone and everyone, mostly with lies and cheap shots, and she still has the fucking balls to complain about the incivility of the opposition.

Here's some incivility for Ann McConnell and the other whiners in that article:  fuck you. Okay? Like the t-shirts at your fucking rallies said, fuck your feelings. Fuck your incessant snowflake whinging, your feigned shock that while we all get to vote the way we choose, other people also get to criticize those choices. I would say that the majority of my "real-life" and Facebook friends, people I interact with in meatspace regularly, voted Clownstick. You trade shots, you grow a hide. This is the way the world works. You are not entitled to a safe space from speech, or even pernicious lies.

Never is it presented in any of these stupid jeremiads that the insults and vitriol flow freely in both directions, that the object of their desire LIES with impunity, doubles down on "alternative facts" and moves on to the next LIE. Never do these journamalistic anthro-apologists wonder aloud about the weird, intensely personal connection the Clownstickers have with their wampeter.

Never do they point out that the Clownstickers consistently caricature the very worst (and statistically almost nonexistent) factions of what passes of the left these days, while selectively ignoring the vast majority of Republicans and conservatives -- not just politicians, but career service officers and newspaper editors, people who take their roles very seriously and do not sway with the winds of expediency -- who weighed in intelligently and passionately against the obvious problem this crazy old bastard presents.

When newspapers such as the Cincinnati Inquirer and the Arizona Republic -- neither of which had ever endorsed a Democrat -- editorialized forcefully for Hillary Clinton, who they made clear they did not like, that should have been a clear indicator to all. P.J. O'Rourke, of all people put it most succinctly when he said that Hillary was wrong, but wrong within normal parameters.

Normal people untainted by their incoherent rage at The Other, should be able to admit that there's something deeply wrong with someone who repeats easily fact-checked falsehoods, over and over and over again. Just a couple of obvious examples:  His inauguration crowds were not even close to Obama's, no matter what he repeats; we all saw the photos of empty spaces at the National Mall, and the sullen marches past rows upon rows of empty bleachers. And his electoral college total was not even close to the highest since Reagan's -- of the eight elections since 1984, Clownstick's 304 electoral votes rank sixth, ahead only of Fredo Arbusto's two tainted "victories."

That last one has been explained and refuted many times, yet he continues to repeat it. Again, a normal, dispassionate observer should be able to see and hear this behavior, and admit there's something up with someone who keeps acting like this -- especially since it's such an essentially meaningless factoid. Let's put it this way:  if Hillary Clinton had acted like this with such easily checked things, even her staunchest supporters would have been asking what the hell was going on. And given the obsessive scrutiny the Drumpfkins gave her supposed mental issues, you know they would have gone batshit over it.

From the face-painter in the photo at the top of the NYT article, to the insane cardboard-cutout-worshipping loser who was "spontaneously" pulled up at the Florida campaign rally(!) yesterday to babble meaningless inanities, these people cluster around the reality-teevee clown in a fawning, embarrassing way that they would rightly lampoon if it were done by Obama or Hillary supporters. (Yes, librul supporters have their annoyingly cloying tics for their wampeters as well, but it does not seem to be anywhere near as pervasive or intense as what you routinely see from the Drumpfkins.) Their dog-like affection is pathetic to observe, their selective defensiveness is annoying to comb through, and their epistemic closure is impossible to penetrate and effectively refute, built as it is on a foundation of pure, unmitigated bullshit.

Of course, it is not the job of a reporter writing a profile to counter in real-time the lies and petulant nonsense spewing forth from the individuals they are interviewing for the profile. Their job is simply to report. But good objective reporting also requires using context to provide full objectivity to that profile.

At the very least, where's the counter-profile where they talk to a few Hillary voters, and get some of their perspective? Again, I couldn't care less about how mean the Drumpfkins are being with their Facebook memes and dopey jokes. What's important and extremely disconcerting is how much of this incompetent old man and his fever dreams they're willing to put up with, simply because they think it's worth it for them to savor the taste of librul snowflake tears.

That's what they really think of their country and the majority of its citizens. That's why we shouldn't feel any compunction in saying fuck you at least in spirit if not in fact -- because it's exactly what they've been saying to all of us the whole time.

[Update 2/20/17, 4:12 PST:  Also, too. I'm sure these good people are just economically anxious or some shit. Let's continue to waste effort trying to reach out to them. Maybe we'll get lucky and they'll all die in a fucking fire before the next election.]

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