Saturday, February 25, 2017

Pressing Matters

Between yesterday's snubbing of the "fake news" entities who have the nerve to quote Mister Man verbatim, and today's pre-emptive backing out of the nerd prom (which no one was going to attend anyway), hopefully it's clear by now to the mainstream media monkeys what they need to do.

If anything, these corrupt motherfuckers are doing the media dorks a favor by clarifying things for them. The mission should be clearer than ever now -- investigate and publish everything. Grab a shovel and pick a direction. They are arrogant, stupid, and corrupt. This is a very potent combination, one that is rich with possibilities.

There is no journalism to be had at the press briefings anyway, they are merely propaganda meetings. The sooner these hapless scriveners realize that they either hang together or hang separately, the better off they'll all be.

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