Saturday, February 11, 2017

Palace Corgi

There are precious few reliable axioms in this crazy world anymore, but here is one of them you can take to the bank:  any day where limey fuckface Piers Morgan gets taken down a few notches is a good fucking day.

Morgan got nailed to the wall on Real Time last night, by Aussie comedian Jim Jefferies, of all people. As a former contestant on Clownstick's phony game show, Morgan apparently felt obliged to stick up for his buddy, defending him against Bill Maher and others on the show referring to Clownstick as "mentally ill" and "stupid" -- which, of course, he is.

Such name-calling may be somewhat subjective, but can be arrived at and demonstrated by the preponderance of evidence, that while Clownstick may have only been sliming up the White House for a few weeks now, his behavior so far is entirely in keeping with eighteen months of campaigning, as well as several years of (among other things) conspiracy mongering and flat-out LYING, well after being corrected numerous times.

The argument culminated around Clownstick's most recent stunt, in which he persists in describing the increase in violent crimes over the past two years (the highest such increase in nearly fifty years) as the highest rate in that time frame. The difference between increase and rate has been explained over and over again, and at this point, if Clownstick chooses to go on in that direction, he is either willfully LYING, or he's too stupid to know the difference between rate and increase.

Morgan chose to defend such blatant hackery, and paid the rhetorical price. He's a lapdog to power, and should be treated as such.

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