Sunday, February 12, 2017

Even Stephens

We've already gotten to know far too much about shadow preznit Steve Bannon. But did you know there's another Stephen in Clownstick's inner circle who's just as bad? It's true!

If anything, Stephen Miller might be even worse -- where Bannon has actually held jobs that require at least some skill and talent, Miller has been a lifelong conservatard Fuckface, writing passionate missives to the local newspaper as a high school student in Santa Monica, over such critical issues as whether the pledge of allegiance is being said often enough, or if Mexican holidays are getting too much attention.

Miller went straight from Duke University to work for Michele Bachmann and new Witchfinder General Jefferson Beauregard Sessions the Thuhd, before becoming Clownstick's main speechwriter last summer. Kind of funny how many of these douchebags who want only to tear down the gubmint have spent their entire professional lives working for that gubmint, innit?

So now Miller is spearheading the current LIE spewing from Clownstick's puckered liehole, that thousands of Massachusetts voters bused into New Hampshire to illegally vote there and throw the state to Hitlery. Despite the fact that, as described in the link, it is statistically and logistically just about impossible (and the down-ticket votes make no sense for that scenario), the idea that anyone could or would engage in this sort of easily traceable shenanigans for, you know, four electoral votes isn't just ridiculous, it's retarded.

So the media outlets seem to actually be pushing back on the current round of LIES being propagated by Miller and his thieving scumbag boss. It would be a mistake, though, to simply assume that this is more of Clownstick being his usual dumbass self. All of these lies and tactics -- the inauguration crowds, the travel ban, the intimidation of federal judges for doing their jobs, the placement of a Russian mole as National Security Advisor, the insistence on voter fraud with zero evidence -- are part of a systematic, concerted effort to push boundaries, to see what they can get away with.

This is not a matter of mere difference of political opinion. These people are scum, pure and simple. Miller is part of a breed that will literally do and say and fabricate anything and everything, just so the holy few who actually own this country, who already have more money than they could ever hope to spend, can get even more. Fuck them all.

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