Sunday, February 27, 2005

A River In Egypt

Denial. When the schadenfreude's gone, all you're left with is the head-shaking, eye-rolling process of watching it all go down. Such is the case with what's left of James Guckert's nascent career as a fake journalist, and very real propaganda tool. The latest cut, in the death of a thousand cuts, is the "temporary" removal of the Talon "News" website.

This, after Talon had already removed Guckert's "work", which really qualifies more as leg-humping and transcribing, rather than anything resembling actual reportage and analysis. As much as the righty bloggers keep on keepin' on with their cuckoo-call repetitions of "Helen Thomas" and "Dan Rather", the analogy is dishonest and inapt, and they damn well know it. For one, CBS didn't try to lose Rather's entire existence down the virtual poop-chute when he got slammed; nor has Helen Thomas ever hustled 8" of cut man-sausage at $200/hour on gay porn sites (as far as we know).

Oh, but of course JimJeff's two-day crash course in journalism absolves him from all this and everything else, doesn't it? He sure seems to think so; as everyone knows, this utterly shameless little prick is cashing in on his last few minutes of ill-gotten fame by starting his own website and proclaiming that after trial by fire in the lefty-blogger "crucible", he's "baaack". Really.

If you're JimJeff, and you think it's a good idea to use a lame, played-out catch-phrase from twenty years ago to plug yourself, wouldn't "Where's The Beef?" make more sense? I'm just sayin'.

At any rate, Jimbo's really just another blogger at heart. He's not a real journalist, and his former employers, who got into office on fear and loathing of Jimbo's type, were the first to disavow him. So welcome back to Earth, chowder-breath.

The publicist for Talon News says it has temporarily gone offline because the founder “can only take so much of a beating” over its political slant.

Boo-fucking-hoo. It's not as if Talon and GOPUSA and Guckert himself didn't do everything they could to invite this "beating". The Republicans, in conjunction with the evangelical fascists, have made a college industry out of this bullshit persecution complex. It takes King Kong-sized balls to have the gall to run everything and still cry that people are mean to you. Awwww, poor you. Now fuck off and die, the whole lot of you.

Speaking of Democrats, he asked President Bush how he would work “with people who seem to have divorced themselves from reality.”

Mm-hmm. Who is divorced from reality on this, now? The real-life whore who turned into the definition of a media whore, and got caught lobbing a softball based on a falsely-attributed quote? Or the people -- in Congress and in the blogosphere -- who are responsible enough to understand just what kind of machinations this administration has already proved itself more than capable of, and who refuse to just let it go?

It's understandable why the network media doesn't want to bother with this -- after all, most of them are whores and potted plants as well, easily cowed, never bothering to investigate or expose anything worthwhile, reluctant to engage in any real criticism of what's going on, preferring to stick to only the most salacious and lurid of details. When you get right down to it, their only real function anymore is to sell boner pills and laxatives anyway.

Come to think of it, they can fuck off and die as well. (Except Seymour Hersh and Eric Boehlert, whom I would never insult by lumping them in with the MSM anyway.)

Bonus: Check this out. It's a great parody of JimJeff's new vanity page.


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