Saturday, February 26, 2005

Top Ten Nicknames For George W. Bush Or Rejected Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Flavors

[from the Home Office in Big Bone Lick, Kentucky]

10. Liquored Shitkicker
9. Chunky Cheese-Eating Surrender Monkey
8. Mullah Fudger
7. Heavenly Deficit Crunch
6. Shit-For-Brains
5. Social Security Surprise (costs $20/pint, container is mostly empty)
4. Broccoli Garcia
3. WMD Pistachio (pistachios rumored to be there per British intelligence)
2. Chock Full O' Guckert (8" cut)
1. Fucking Retard Waffle Crisp


Jeffraham Prestonian said...

Have you ever been to Big Bone Lick, KY? I have. Also, Head O' Grassy, KY, and Monkey's Eyebrow, KY.

Joon said...

What? No "Pralines & Pretzels Gag"?

No "Cashew Czech Chunk"?

No "Chocolate Chimp Chip"?

rokkgod said...

I was surfing around and found another George Bush site.George Bush Doesn't Care About Black People This place has a ton of funny videos and mp3s.

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Hyperion said...

I'm not sure you have even the slightest clue about politics, but this post sure did crack me up.

Good job.

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