Thursday, April 26, 2007

There Once Was A Putz From Nantucket

Digby's got Punkinhead's number:

Russert's insistence that he is just a "blue collar guy" is reminiscent of many of these millionaire news celebrities who like to play the part of some sort of middle American everyman (or everywoman)for their audience. Maureen Dowd is one of the worst, as well as the unctuous Cokie Roberts and the 1950's sit-com Dad wannabe, Chris Matthews. In fact, it is an extremely common trait among the DC courtiers. They truly seem to believe they are just regular guys --- and therefore, their concerns are the same as regular Americans. Only, you know, they aren't.

What sucks is that most of these big-media douchebags actually do seem to come from relatively middle-class upbringings. But they've been bought and sold, and co-opted. The men are clawing furiously for the middle as their paunches and pudges envelop them, the consequences of one too many appletinis with Bob Wright and Dean Broder. The women either try too hard to prove that they can be every bit as corrupt and useless as the men (e.g., Judy Miller), or revert to a permanent seventh-grade mentality, thinking their political column is either a second chance to do it all over again like a kewl kid, or a place to squawk about their man issues (MoDo).

It's just too bad we can't throw these bums out periodically, just to keep 'em on their toes. Because they suck. They're a bunch of self-absorbed poseurs, and they're not doing their goddamned jobs.

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