Thursday, May 26, 2005

Between The Lines

Much commentary has already been written in regards to the story about the North Carolina church that endorsed flushing the Koran, on the church's outdoor marquee.

Shameful and asinine as it is, it's certainly no surprise. What caught my eye though was a toss-off quote from the "man of God" who put up the sign:

“If we stand for what is right and for God’s word and for Christianity then the world is going to condemn us and so right away when I got a complaint I said ‘well somebody’s mad, somebody’s offended, so we must be doing something right.’”

Very well. I think we should all remember this the next time one of the flock starts braying and baaing about how mightily offended he is that some of us don't want our tax dollars spent pretending one of Cecil B. DeMille's old Ten Commandments movie props is some sort of sanctified relic.

But seriously, this is the kind of retard sound-bite logic that keeps everyone's back up about every goddamn thing. It's the sort of fundamentally fallacious logical reasoning that is expected from a surly, ignorant teenager -- though no less off-putting -- but downright embarrassing to hear from someone who is not only presumably an adult, but supposedly an emissary for his faith.

Keep this asshole in mind next time you hear the whines of the falsely persecuted.


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