Friday, May 13, 2005

Chasing Shadows

I'd love for Pat Sajak or any of the other conservatard thinkerati to take a gander at this and then continue to lecture the rest of us on our sensible pessimism. No excerpts needed; read the whole thing and be further enlightened to what the real deal here is.

Coupled with several hundred dead just in the past week, and the recent revelation by MI6 that Blair knew that it was a stovepipe job and went along anyway, it would be interesting to read the cognitive contortions of such folk, were they to actually read anything outside their usual perimeter of political correctness.


vonKreedon said...

I don't know that the temporary demolision of a Marine platoon is evidence for a pessimistic take on Iraq. The platoon was certainly unlucky, as the article states of the seven Marine deaths to that point six were from this one platoon. However, seven deaths out of ~1,000+ Marines involved is ~.7% vs. ~20% for the platoon, so looking just at the platoon's casualty rate is really not indicative of our casualties and tells us little about the effectiveness of the operation.

Anonymous said...

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