Thursday, May 12, 2005

Radio Retard

Let's just cut to the chase and say that if you're listening to Michael Medved, you need to get out more often.

The poor boy can't seem to keep his facts straight:

RIEMER: So even though the president of the United States said, "What privatization does is allows the individual worker his or her choice to set aside money in a managed account with parameters in the marketplace," when I call that privatization, I'm lying?

MEDVED: No -- first of all, you said he favors privatization. He was simply defining privatization there.

RIEMER: Which he favors.

MEDVED: He -- where does he ever say that "I favor privatization"?

RIEMER: His plan allows the individual worker --

MEDVED: What we are talking about, personal, voluntary personal --

RIEMER: -- his or her choice to set aside money in a managed account with parameters in the marketplace. That's the definition of his plan.

MEDVED: You know, words sometimes mean something, sir. Private -- managed voluntary personal accounts, optional personal accounts, is not what people call privatization.

And so forth. It's a wonder we ever take a break and watch forensic porn shows.

MEDVED: All right, first of all, it is clearly not privatization if what you are doing is allowing people to take one-third of the total money they put in. Privatization usually means that, okay, all of a sudden the government doesn't owe you anything anymore, you're going to take care of yourself. And that's not -- that what they -- for instance, like the system they have in Chile. That is not the system that President Bush has proposed, and there is not a single American politician -- and you wouldn't even dare try to name one -- there's not even one politician who has said, "We want to get rid of Social Security."

RIEMER: Well, here's one politician who said this: "Bush's plan of individual investment of 2 percent of the money is a start. Eventually, I'd like to see the entire system privatized."

MEDVED: And who said --

RIEMER: That was Chris Chocola.


RIEMER: Chris Chocola.

MEDVED: Who is that?

RIEMER: Member of Congress from Indiana.

MEDVED: Chris what?

RIEMER: Chocola, C-O -- C-H-O-C-O-L-A.

MEDVED: Okay, I don't know that particular member of Congress, I'm not even sure he is a member of Congress.

Okay, I don't expect every American citizen to know every single one of the 435 members of the House of Representatives, but I do expect Michael Medved to know who the fuck Chris Chocola is. He's only been referred to pejoratively as "Count Chocula" by practically everyone on the internets at some point since he was elected in 2002.

If you're not a political junkie, what the fuck are you doing hosting a political radio talk show? Hell, if a guy like me with a dozen or so readers knows who Chocola is, how does a jerkoff with 1.8 million listeners not know? Maybe his mom just listens 1.8 million times, or it just seems like it.

For Medved to even suggest that Riemer must have pulled that name out of his ass....come on, who the fuck is going to go on a fucking radio show and invent a fucking Congressman? What the fuck is wrong with Medved, that he thinks this is the case?

He got his booking wish, a combative librul, and boy did he put the rock on the ground here. Get your fucking talking points straight, Mikey, before you presume to lecture to the untermenschen about how it is.

[Via Atrios].

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