Sunday, May 01, 2005

Runaway Bribe

Okay, am I missing something here? It's two days after Bush broke into network time to lie to the nation in his inimitable simpering, gibbering fashion. And it's been a relentlessly violent weekend in Iraq, punctuating the three-month anniversary of the much-vaunted election with yet another series of bloodbaths.

And yet the "news" is positively plastered with the exploits of some broad from Atlanta who got cold feet at the last second and ran off to Vegas. WHO FUCKING CARES?!?

The only sensible assumption at this point is that the government has bought and paid for all the pod-people in the network media, a constant campaign of active and deliberate elision, avoiding scrutiny of the issues and events that actually affect your life.

Pogo wildly misunderestimated us. We are fucking doomed.

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