Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Dipshit Housewives

Do people still watch The View, and if so, do they really give a shit what any of these people think about anything? Remember when Sasha Baron Cohen did the talk show circuit for Borat in character? I thought for a second that maybe Martin Lawrence was trying the same thing for Big Momma's House 3. You never know.

Why would anyone be interested in the insane ramblings of a (literal) flat-earther? I seriously do not know what to make of an American adult who asserts that there was literally nothing before Christianity, except that it's exhibit A that our school system churns out retards. Maybe they just brought this broad on to make that Hasselbeck dingbat seem smart, I dunno. This show appears to be deliberately retarding housewife discourse anyway.

What's even more annoying than Miss Thang's ludicrous beliefs is how ineptly they're rebutted by the smarter ones. (And folks, let's face it, the bench ain't all that deep there, to be kind about it.) Just a quick "the Greeks and Romans came first, then the Jeebus" averral, as if a mediocre history student shouldn't be able to think of at least a quick dozen pre-Christian civilizations, almost all of them polytheistic.

But you can see from the look on their faces, they just didn't want to get into it with her; it's clearly not worth the trouble. They've been down that road before, they know better. As the saying goes, never argue with a moron -- people might not be able to tell the difference. Some people are simply incapable of letting facts get in the way of the lies they have to tell themselves, and you're just better off recognizing them for what they are and pushing them aside, so they can get back to their intellectual nose-picking.

Which still begs the question: if you're at least pretending to have a show that discusses issues and shit, do you really need to air the "back row of Jerry Springer" point of view for some weird reason, especially if you're not going to effectively rebut this completely stupid nonsense?

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Paul F. said...

Maybe it's done purely for the entertainment value.