Saturday, December 01, 2007

This Just In

This is not even forest-for-the-trees stuff, this -- it's just how your infotainment product gets manufactured these days, by people who have their hand in the till at work, and a vested interest in how the infotainment product is utilized. Campbell Brown and her shitbird spouse are not anomalies, they're symptomatic of how it's intended to work. It's not a flaw, it's a feature.

There are different rules for people like Brown and Senor because they are Inner Party creatures. This is common; media sock puppets and lobbyist/"consultant" weasels hook up regularly. It makes sense -- they go to the same parties, and use each other for access. It's just business.

Don't be sad or surprised, America. CNN is just being more honest and forthright -- brazen, let's say -- about its role in How Things Get Done. Taking them seriously is like confusing Dancing with the Stars with The Wire. If you want your "news" spoonfed to you by hacks and morons, but don't want that strip-mall food-court vibe that permeates Faux Noise, then CNN is the place to be. Nancy Grace, Glenn Beck....shit, what's not to like? Clearly this is a network which is dedicated to insuring that each and every employee takes their profession and craft with the utmost seriousness. They might as well have the paper hats to prove it.

Seriously, are there still some people out there who were confusing CNN with a credible, serious news network? Shit, on the off chance Miz Brown were to grow a conscience and retire from tendentious hackdom, the executive boobs at the network would probably replace her with Marie Osmond if they thought it might bump their ratings half a point.

And somebody would actually watch it.

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