Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Up In Smoke

Oh, this is rich -- a Clinton adviser, supposedly talking out of school, predicts problems with Barack Obama's drug use a generation ago. Apparently Obama wasn't quite savvy enough to concoct some moronic feint about not inhaling. Not to mention the current reformed party boy.

Coming soon: Shaheen figures that Giuliani's struggles with fidelity might be problematic for some folks. It'd be a shame if oppo research ran with such a ball.


Marius said...

What was that old saying, all is fair in love and war, or something?

They must be desperate, the HRC camp. Obama got Oprah and Denzel -- Oprah and Denzel, man! That is so gangster! -- to pimp for him, while Hillary couldn't even get Madonna to express a half-hearted endorsement. So now they gotta do something.

However, these stabs in the back Obama's experiencing right now are nothing compared to the shit storm that's gonna hit Benito G if he wins the nomination. I heard the Clintonistas have whole basementfuls of boxes with dirt on Rudy. If I were Judith Nathan, I'd just go on a cruise around the world for the next two years or so.

He also said...

While we're at weed smoke, I think this is a nice piece on the War on Some Drugs in America. Not going too well, apparently.