Sunday, December 09, 2007

Something Really Cool

Because smiley-face Hitlers and calling people "fascists" and "totalitarians" are Teh Funnay.

This is cool -- Grace Nearing at Scriptoids has refashioned the cover to Pantload's forthcoming crappus maximus, based on some smackdown I dropped over at Roy's some time back. Sadly, No has linked it also. Good stuff. I would read a book with that title, who wouldn't?

I think Pantload's going to find this thing a tough sell, except for Richard Cougar Melloncamp Scaife lining his ex-wife's attic. The bunker mentality at Wingnut Welfare HQ is probably just about cabin-fever stage by now, and all they're left with is Jonah and Party O' Death Pornmumu short-sheeting each other in the last twin bed.


Grace Nearing said...

Hello-- it's me. Our links keep crossing. As you can tell, I was (still am) quite smitten with your "Cheetohouse Five" smackdown. As you also can tell, I'm not much of a PhotoShoppaire, or else there would have been some Cheetos strewn about in the image. Ah, well....

Heywood J. said...

Hi, Grace. Thanks again -- what a cool surprise to stumble across that cover. I know the feeling about PhotoShop; if I could, I'd do a full-on photo of the Great Pantload his own bad self, passed out in his La-Z-Boy, in his underwear and bunched-up Chuck Norris tee shirt, Cheetos all over his chest and empty cans and bottles of Red Bull and Mountain Dew Game Code piled up.

I've probably spent too much time figuring out that scenario, but it rings so true.