Sunday, July 27, 2008

Depends, My Friends

Enjoying the infamous Applesauce Avalanche video immensely. They can't even stage a transparently phony supermarket photo-op competently, but they're going to straighten out the terrists and show everyone who's still boss. Right.

This is never not going to be funny. The only way it could have been a more appropriate metaphor for this sclerotic campaign is if it had been a bunch of adult diaper boxes or a couple cases of milk of magnesia. Three months is a long time; there's bound to be plenty more Maalox moments. POST may want to rethink his current whinging about suddenly not getting enough media attention.


Marius said...

Sclerotic doesn't even begin to describe it, Heywood.

(h/t Ken Silverstein).

woodguy said...

Breaking news from the whine and cheese aisle.

Perhaps he's demonstrating his mastery of the reverse Midas touch that his mentor Shrub has perfected over a lifetime of fucking things up.