Saturday, July 19, 2008

Lost Horizons

Oy. So now it's "time horizon" instead of "timetable". Setting a goal is bad, see, because then the bad guys know they just have to wait out the deadline. Which I guess is what they have been doing then. People can call it a "time bench" or a "time sandwich" or a "time buttplug" if it makes them feel better, it's just old wine in dusted-off bottles that kinda look new if they don't look too closely.

The expectations placed on the candidates are unrealistic and moronic. McCain is expected to bray about staying the course and not fixing what isn't broken, even if he knows better. Obama is expected to walk some imaginary fine line between setting public benchmarks for leaving, and making sure the bad guys know he's "committed" to "finishing the task". Of course, what and how to accomplish is never quite defined with any clarity.

The shadows we've been chasing do not particularly care if we stay or go, I wager; in fact, they probably prefer we stay on, assuring them of an endless supply of recruits and generous oil profiteering. And certainly the oil companies aren't bothered by the fat risk and speculation premiums driving prices. But as long as we are able to cobble together yet another useless catchphrase to avoid figuring out exactly what we're doing and when we might be done, I guess it's still mission accomplished.

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Marius said...

You forgot to add the fact that the Administration's Nicholas Burns has been quietly involved in negotiations with Iran's Saeed Jalili over the country's uranium enrichment. This is only months after the shameless chimp denounced, on his trip to Israel, those who want to "talk to our enemies" as so many Neville Chamberlains who must be unmasked.

Has there ever been a more hypocritical piece of shit than a contemporary Republican?