Saturday, July 19, 2008

Senseless, Working Overtime

50-hour work weeks (plus 1½ hours daily commute) are pretty taxing, especially if you're not a morning person. On the other hand, the extra hours are offsetting gas price increases and leaving money for beer and steak and such.

Plus I'm resolutely clawing my way to the middle. In an economic clime where many people are looking over their shoulders, it's nice not to have to, until I fart in front of the boss or something.


Marius said...

That's awesome, H. Gotta learn me some lessons here from you--I got more educayshun than my whole family together, and I'm still scrapping by, while my working-class brother makes three times as much as I do back in Europe. Goddamn recession.

Heywood J. said...

That sucks that anyone with an advanced education, who has put in the effort and hard work and gone the extra mile, should have to scrape by.

But outside of academia, corporate management, or government, there aren't many jobs that will pay that premium. And there's layoffs and hiring freezes everywhere. But hey, Dear Cheerleader says the economy's going great, so there's that.

We run it pretty tight in our household, but as I say, extra hours offset gas prices, and once my wife returns to the workforce in a couple years, we can replace our ancient vehicles and furniture and start moving forward again.

Oddly, my best option right now might be to go for an MBA -- the corporation that bought the company I work for does tuition reimbursement, and going back would extend the grace period for loan repayment on the bachelor degree.

But it's another two-year commitment (plus whatever the corp. expects me to sign off on for the tuition reimbursement), so I'm still mulling it over.