Saturday, July 19, 2008

Hair Clubbed

Not that Anna Wintour and David Geffen make a terribly compelling case for Obama, but the fact that comb-forward homunculus Donald Trump is a celebrity bundler for McCain seems pretty damned incriminating. Shouldn't he be building another monument to his tiny penis, or did McCain promise to let him turn Yellowstone into da wuhld's graytis casino wit' da wuhld's greenest and bestest gawf cawse da wuhld will evah see cause dose pharaohs and emperors was all a buncha pussies and Louie da Fourteent' ain't got shit on me?

I can see it now: "Seriously, we have da club guhrls get you a lime rickey and a handjob at da 19th hole, it's a classy jernt. Eye-talian mahble terlets youse can drop a luxurious deuce into. Gold plated urnals wit' Rosie O'Donnell urnal cakes. Ovahpriced frog paintins evryweah. Dat's why it's got my name on it. Da Trump Golden Pissa." But hey, thanks a gazillion, Apprentice drones, for keeping this hump's name viable. That's worked out superbly for everyone, at least everyone with a small orange woodland critter pelt across their forehead.

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